Success Stories of
14 Day Smart Cleanse

Christa Schwarz *

"Day 5 and I am 3kg down! Totally stoked as I am not to hard on myself with food, as I know I won't be able to keep it up. However the cleanse does make me think before I put something in my mouth and as a result I eat less and healthier. Feeling fantastic...I am spreading the word near and far!"

Fiona Kirk *

"Today is the start of day 6 for me and I'm 4kg down and feeling great 💃 😀 First few days were difficult in the morning but I've worked through it. Thanks for your support Savannah 😘 Looking forward to the next 8 days 😀"

Gemma Louise *

"So I have decided to put up a before and after pic! I have always looked at other people’s progress through these pics and never imagined I would be the one uploading mine! In the before photo I got about 5kgs heavier but didn't take a before pic when starting my first detox on 1 September! The 12kgs I have lost is since then, not only in the 28 day detox! I hope this helps others reach their goals cause you really can do it with positive thoughts!”

Jo Jo Hodgekiss *

“Well we made it to day 14 :) Between my husband and myself we've lost 10.6kg. The energy we have is incredible and our hair and skin has never looked better. Yes the first few days were hard no doubt, but I'm so delighted we kept going. Apart from our noticeable physical changes that we are loving, I can't begin to say how much calmer our minds are, there seems to be so much more clarity in day to day living.”

Rebecca Mountford Flint *

Quote“By day 3 I had amazing energy levels and then into the second week I really started to notice the weight drop off. Overall I lost about 4 kgs the first time I did it, I’ve now done it 3 times, and each time I do it I experience amazing results.”

Michelle Glenfield *

"Well my god, I've just completed my first Smart Cleanse and I feel amazing! I've finally shifted my Winter load(Nutella by the spoon), I've zero cravings for it since and have shifted weight I've never managed to on previous cleanses. To say I'm delighted is an understatement. Plus having being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at 21, I am even more excited to say I've zero aches and pains, lots of energy and a general feeling that my Body is finally a Temple 🙏. If I was there now I'd give you a big fat hug however as we are all Smart Cleanse converts now I'll settle for a skinny one 😉. Yay!!"

Jeanette Stanbury-Rose - Sydney *

"I have just finished my 14 day cleanse and feel amazing. Thank you Savannah Daisley for creating this amazing cleanse. Since completing chemo last August I was unable to get on top of my digestive issues and due to bloating I looked like I was 9 months pregnant. Full of fluid, drinking lots of water and taking a probiotic for the last 5 months was making no difference. My digestive system is functioning much better, large stomach is gone my skin is now back to normal. I have so much energy that I went walking this morning for the first time in months and wasn't afraid to be too far from the bathroom. Although I wasn't planning on losing weight I am 5 kg down. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!"

Donna Scott - Sydney *

We’re so happy for Donna who lost an incredible 4.7kg in her first week of her cleanse as well as removing her IBS – that’s got to feel good! Well done Donna. “Start of day 7, best sleep ever! Heaps of energy, on the scale lost 4.7kg, got to be happy with that. And best of all, no IBS. Looking forward to the next 7 days." "Well up to day 10 and feeling fantastic, have lost 5.6kg and 19cm off the whole body. It is really a crime to feel this good, and still no coffee, don’t need one.""Doing really well, 9.5kg down with no IBS – loving it!”

Ebony Kate - Sydney *

"Day 14 and 6.4kg lighter! I’m a vegetarian and I feel lighter and brighter and planning to continue with the diet. I no longer have sugar cravings and don’t even miss my morning coffee.”

Fiona - Sydney *

“There is nothing we love more than seeing customers like Fiona experience a complete health transformation from cleansing! "I couldn't recommend the 14 day Smart Cleanse enough! I am a mum of four busy boys and have always kept myself fit and healthy, but recently I have got myself in a rut - eating poorly and relying on sugar and coffee to get me through the day. I would wake up with headaches and by the afternoon I was fully bloated. Since completing Smart Cleanse I have lost 6.5kg, haven’t had one headache and have no more bloating. I am back on track with my eating and I feel fantastic."

George Gardiner *

“With my first cleanse I lost 5 kgs! It amazes me the difference in skin clarity if that makes sense. I've found my second cleanse easier too because after the first cleanse I stayed off caffeine and I'm better for it... and I lost 4.5kgs!! I am also still off caffeine. It has been 3 months now, my blood pressure is lower and my GP is very happy! I plan another assault after Valentines Day.”

Isabella Ristas - Sydney *

"I’ve been a terrible sleeper my whole life, but it’s my second week and I’ve been sleeping like NEVER EVER BEFORE. I’m in a coma every night. This detox has been amazing for my health and has improved my quality of sleep! I love love it!”

Jo Hutchison - Sydney *

“Down 4.2kgs already which feels amazing. Will definitely continue to eat clean.”

Katie Vidakovic - Sydney *

“I’m on day 10 and feeling fab – my appetite has completely reduced and energy levels are high. I’ve learnt so much eating wise. Thank you so much for introducing me to this awesome experience!” "I finish my 14 days tomorrow! I feel absolutely amazing, I’ve lost 5.5kgs and have had great results overall!”

Natalie Wilson - Sydney *

“Cleansing with a friend or family member can have amazing benefits as you hold each other accountable. Natalie and her hubby lost 4 kg each! We’re so happy for them both.”

Trish Calder - Sydney *

Fighting off tummy fat can seem like an uphill battle, but our 14 day Smart Cleanse can work its wonders! Trish experienced just that by losing 5 kg and 6cms from her stomach. “This has been the kickstart I needed towards my health and a better understanding of what and how much to eat. I can’t remember when I last felt this energized! Well done Trish - you should be so proud of your efforts!

Jason - Sydney *

“Thank you very much, for the amazing results that I've benefited from doing Smart Cleanse™. My energy levels are up by at least 30%, my eyes and skin are clearer than I can ever remember, and I have much better mental clarity and wellbeing in general. You’ve turned an old VW Beetle into a purring Aston Martin!! Eternally grateful.”

Hayley - Sydney *

"Just wanted to let you know I finished the detox on Friday evening last week. Week 2 was much easier than week 1 and I definitely lost a couple of kilos*, largely I think in week 2. It’s just a matter of keeping them off and I think including protein in my diet, cutting out sugar and reducing carbs, was the answer. I felt clearer and more focused afterward too. Another outcome is that I seem to be very indifferent to coffee now. I’m no longer craving caffeine, so thankfully my daily latte may become a thing of the past too! I’m waking up earlier, feel happier, and have so much more energy in general. Thanks Smart Cleanse™!"

Chloe - Sydney *

“I’m on day 8 of Smart Cleanse™ and feel fantastic! I have higher energy levels than I can remember, I can concentrate all day with a clearer mind, I’m not feeling bloated anymore, and as a bonus I have lost 3 kgs*. I feel like a new person! I would recommend Smart Cleanse™ to anyone.”

Anne - Sydney *

“Over the last few years I had really gained some weight, especially in my mid-section, and found myself with a real sweet tooth, thinking of sugar and dessert almost after every meal. I didn’t feel good in myself and then a friend told me about their weight loss and experience on Smart Cleanse™. I gave it a good go, and was astounded at my results. In the first 14 days, I lost 8 kilos of body fat* and my sugar obsession completely vanished, as I replaced it with the low GI organic foods recommended. After the Detox, I moved onto stage 2 weight loss and then maintenance, and after 8 weeks I lost 17 kilos*, and have effortlessly kept it off! I am so grateful. I even fit into my old clothes again!”

Genevieve Adamo - Sydney *

“I have just completed the 14 Day Smart Cleanse and I must say I was quite impressed. It comes with comprehensive info and diet/meal plan for weight loss including recipes. The first week is Gut cleanse and the second Liver. It is powders and capsules taken twice a day, which I find much easier than 3 times daily. The powders are not what I would call delicious, but not unpleasant, and all the ingredients make sense to me as a pharmacist. I have lost at least 3kg and more importantly I feel great. I have more energy and am much more clear in the head. I haven't had a headache since day 3, and I was getting a lot before starting. I would definitely recommend it. The only detox I have tried before made me really sick, so this was a very pleasant surprise.”

Rosie King - Body and Soul Magazine Sunday Telegraph *

“My last day of the cleanse was on Sunday and I have to say, I feel fantastic. I also lost 4.7kg, which blew my mind. Everyone in the office was amazed too. I'm going to keep up the diet plan as much as possible until I lose a few more kilograms. ”

Dane - Sydney *

“Before Smart Cleanse™ my energy levels were up and down, my eyes were yellowish, my memory was poor, and my digestion wasn’t regular. I was drinking too much alcohol and not watching my diet. After finishing Smart Cleanse™ my energy levels are high all day long, my eyes have cleared up and are brighter, I am remembering everyone’s names and my digestion is amazing. I’m so glad I gave Smart Cleanse™ a chance because I've already seen big improvements.”

Sally Cover Williams - Sydney *

“Day 7 – feeling unbelievable. 2kgs gone and feeling like a layer of flab has disappeared. No 3pm energy slump. In fact have energy to burn. Skin glowing and I feel like a new me!"

Olga Gavrilov - Sydney *

“I’m on day 4, feeling great and already lost 3 kgs of body fat. I was a bit sluggish cutting out the caffeine initially but that was only for the first 2 days. My face is starting to clear up too which is amazing and my nails are so much stronger than ever before.”

Nicole Roma - QLD *

“I lost 4 kgs and I’m on day 12. Feel great and my eating habits have altered for good. I’m less hungry and my cravings have disappeared.”

Germaine Koh - Sydney *

“Day 5 today, lost 2kgs! Didn’t do it for the weight loss but happy all the same. I wasn’t even following the weight loss menu. I ate normally and yet the weight came off. Thanks Smart Cleanse.”

Amanda Tilley - Sydney *

“3 days in I was 3kgs down. By day 5 headaches were a distant memory, muffin top is disappearing and I feel absolutely AMAZING!!!”

Carrie Sammut - Northern Beaches *

“I’m on day 9 and I’m feeling great!!! Lost 4 kgs and I’m sticking to it. I am amazed how aware it is making me of what I’m consuming. I have recommended Smart Cleanse to everyone I know and lots of my friends have bought it. Good on you for creating it!!!”

Alex Riordan - Sydney *

"I loved doing the detox – I had more natural energy than I’ve ever had in my entire life. After 35 years of eating and drinking, I feel I’ve only just unlocked a great big secret that I can use for the rest of my life with new habits to offset my indulgences. I’ll definitely be back to do it again."

Olivia Gardiner *

"I finished my cleanse 10 days ago and lost 4.5kg. I have never felt better than during the last 7 days of the cleanse and beyond. I have slept deeply, my body was naturally tired in the evening, i felt mentally strong with NO creeping anxiety. I take a strong B vitamin, evening primrose oil as well as magnesium daily (for last 18 months). I continued to do that throughout. Since finishing my cleanse I had to travel to Hong Kong for a week of work (aaah!). I avoided rice and noodles (swapped for Chinese greens), kept up the mindset (but did indulge in some alcohol). My pantry is different to, chips and crackers are gone, and I’m trying different recipes, reading labels etc. carbs are avoided, essentially the keto approach suits me. Learning to balance. I’ve learned that protein at each meal is so important but veg is king to.  I haven’t had bread or caffeine for over 3 weeks and don’t plan to. I can deal with losing those two things. Decaf long black with almond milk has been yummy if I felt like coffee and my energy levels mean I don’t ‘need’ the caffeine. Alcohol has become less interesting because I feel good about me. Dark dark chocolate is enjoyed in tiny amounts and nuts are something I’m exploring as snacks (walnuts are yum). I didn’t need to snack but found I really had to eat by lunchtime and I prepare my meals or at least plan them now. My shopping is done across three aisles instead of 12 and I have a family. I’m a mum, I work full time and travel, I’ve made easy changes and it’s a journey. Berry smoothies with egg whites or omelettes are my daily start which I love. Dairy makes my mouth feel yuk now. I had no period pain this month.  Savannah, I’m so glad I tried this cleanse. My neighbour just finished it to. I’m seeing the ads around my area in Coogee. Genuinely think this is a great kickstart program. Think I could easily do this a couple of times a year. I’m committed to the change. With gratitude x"

Alicia Willis *

"I’m Day 3 of my second cleanse after completing the first 2 weeks ago. I lost 6.7kgs 7cm around my thigh, 6cm around my waist. I feel absolutely FANTASTIC !!! Being a stroke survivor for nearly 3 years I had piled on the weight and energy levels pretty much gone. I constantly felt sick and lethargic and constant stomach troubles were unbearable after eating foods such as pasta, bread, anything oily or fatty. I have never felt so good or had so much energy. Although I still require lots of sleep and rest it’s no longer body fatigue but just brain fatigue. I crave healthy, clean food and am again enjoying cooking.  Smart cleanse was the best decision ever and although the first few days were crazy hard I’m glad I stuck to it and am really enjoying the second time around. Thank you Savannah!!"

Sam Milner *

“I gained 10kg in a year without any real reason as I'm generally healthy. I got a trainer and followed a 6 day a week training program with a balanced diet but the weight was not really shifting and I was lethargic by 10am. A friend told me about Smart Cleanse I'm completely gobsmacked with the impact this has made in such a short time!! Not only have I noticeably lost weight, I'm energized, I'm glowing I'm upbeat and I feel like myself on my best days. Day 3 I was quite emotional and I realized I'd had a lot of built up stress and personal anxiety which was blocking me from making improvements despite my persistence. Smart Cleanse seems to re-boot your system entirely and it's given me back control of my physical and mental well-being and for that, I'm beyond grateful!!”

Sharon Young *

“Hi Everyone :-D Just want to share my experience exercise wise with this awesome cleanse system. I have done it three times now (not consecutive) and the effects just keep getting better. My first cleanse I was devo because I couldn't smash out a HIIT session as I was too exhausted. Now on my third cleanse my body responds so well that I am able to smash out workouts every morning and pull off an 8 hour work day with no issues. This system is simply amazing!”

Leesa Smith *

"I’ve just completed 3 Smart Cleanse detox kits back to back to reach my goal and Im thrilled to say I am now 15 kilos down after 6 weeks. I have another 10 kilos to lose so I will continue with the Smart Cleanse dietary plan. I am feeling amazing! Thanks again Smart Cleanse!"

Samantha Lowe *

"2 weeks are over and I’m so happy with the results! Down 2.5 kgs but feeling so much better and not bloated it’s great. No caffeine, alcohol, unhealthy carbs, dairy, wheat, or processed anything and I’m now feeling clean and healthy again! Roll on round 2!"

Danielle Chipcase - Sydney *

"I start week 2 tomorrow!! Yay!! Looking forward to a fruit smoothie for breakfast. I’m about 3.5kg down and haven’t exercised. Feeling so good so will hit the gym next week in the hope that this will continue weight loss."

Marika Webster *

“I am so so happy with smart Cleanse! It's been 6 weeks now and I honestly feel amazing! I've lost exactly 10kgs and have about 3 kgs to go to my ideal weight. The programme has been so easy to follow and even when I've faltered on occasion, it's been no hassle at all to jump straight back on. I haven't had coffee, dairy or bread in all this time and can't imagine why I would again. My asthma symptoms have almost completely disappeared! My husband was so impressed with my results that he gave it a go and whilst he wasn't terribly strict, he's glad he did.. He didn't need to lose any weight but did it to eliminate bloating, increase energy levels and for a better sense of wellbeing and SC achieved all of that for him .. he ordered a barista coffee the other day and after not having had dairy in almost 3 weeks, he thought the milk was off 😂.. don't think he'll be going back to dairy in a hurry..Anyway, thanks for Smart Cleanse! I'm so glad I've done/doing it and will continue on this "secret" health (and slimming) path."

Erryn Schettino - Sydney *

"There’s nothing we love more than hearing from our customer’s of their amazing results on the cleanse! “I’m on Day 10 and really starting to feel great!! I’m over 6 kg down, skin is feeling amazing and I’m waking up refreshed!” Well done Erryn!

Sara Potter - Sydney *

“I have one day left of my 14 days cleanse and I am feeling the best I've felt for AGES!! I'm a huge socialite so giving up alcohol has been so hard but I have managed to get through by having 'fake mojitos' when I'm out ie water with lime and mint and no one could tell I wasn't drinking!! 😝 But seriously the difference in my sleep, Energy levels and weight loss is astounding! Thank you Savannah 🙌🏻 I bought another kit so I can do again in the new year!! I have also recommended to all my friends who have commented how good I'm looking!! Xxx thanks again!!!”

Aleesha Darke - Sydney *

"Thanks so much Savannah Daisley! this program has changed my life! I lost 6.5kg in 2 weeks and have now list a total of 7kg after finishing on Saturday! I feel amazing, so much enery, on bloating, and motivated to keep going! I'll start my secong cleanse when I get back from my trip away mid July. Thanks so much for all your support, and answering all my questions very much appreciated!"

Jemma Willemsen - Sydney *

"I feel amazing after my smart cleanse... Lost 3kg and gained good healthy eating habits. I really think about what goes in to my body now. Thanks Smart Cleanse I've never felt better."

Karyn Hewitt - Sydney *

“Some of our customers love the results they get from cleansing so much, they extend their detox time (we can’t blame them!). Here’s what Karyn experienced during her first 14 day cleanse; I'm so happy with the results so far and would love to keep going. I can only imagine how I'll feel after another 2 weeks if I feel this good now! I just finished my 4 weeks and feel amazing!!!!"

Natalie Said *

“Natalie you are raising your self-value and we are so happy you won't settle for anything less than feeling your best! You are so brave - way to go! We're with you all the way. This is my 3rd detox now and I love it! I'm on day 7 and 5 kgs down. As usual I feel on top of the world! Better outlook more positive and focused which is such a great feeling!"

Shani Coates - Sydney *

“Getting past your first few days of cleansing can be the hardest part, but if you’re committed to it, you’ll achieve amazing results just like Shani did! "It’s day 6 and I feel great. I have a clear mind, I’m happy and have more energy. I’m also down 3kg." Well done Shani!

Donna - Sydney *

“14 Day Smart Cleanse™ cleared up the dark circles under my eyes and made my skin glow again. So much so that people noticed and stopped me to ask what I was doing differently. I sleep better now, I’m calmer and more relaxed, my tummy isn’t bloated anymore, my mind is clear and I’ve lost a total of 4 kilos*. I love Smart Cleanse™ and highly recommend this program to anyone."

Jen - Sydney *

“It's day 7 and I'm really starting to feel like I've got a lot of energy in the last couple of days! I weighed myself when I woke up and was down to 64kgs, from 68kgs*, when I begun Smart Cleanse™. So actually travelling along well now. Haven't been hungry, feel amazing mental clarity, and all the powders taste great!”

Belinda - Sydney *

“Before starting Smart Cleanse™, I was often bloated and uncomfortable after meals - even when they were healthy! Through the Smart Cleanse Program, I came to understand more about a healthy gut and what it takes to maintain this. After too many years of excessive sugar intake, it was almost impossible to restore my digestive system back to good health without some help. Smart Cleanse™ has helped me focus on clearer, healthier living - without the horrible bloated feeling. My body feels like it’s working the way it was intended to. Thank you Smart Cleanse™!”

Ebony Kate - NSW *

“Day 14 down and 6.4 kg lighter! Being vegetarian it was slightly more restrictive in week 1 .... But I feel much better for it. Lighter and brighter and am planning to continue with the diet for another couple of weeks. I no longer have sugar cravings and don't even miss my morning coffee!”

Dana - Sydney *

“Before Smart Cleanse™ I had struggled with bouts of cystic acne for over 10 years. I tried contraceptive pills, harmful retinols, prescriptions, and even laser surgery procedures with no luck. My libido was low, and I felt emotionally unstable, with bouts of anxiety coming about for what seemed like no logical reason. After 14 Days on Smart Cleanse™ my symptoms began to diminish, and not long after my face cleared up! I was able to look in the mirror with confidence again and regained my sense of inner peace and balance. I felt like 'me' again! Thank you, Smart Cleanse™ for facilitating my transformation to a happier, healthier, holistic me!”

Leila Robinson 3rd Smart Cleanse Detox - Sydney *

“I just completed my 3rd Smart Cleanse in 2 years. I have to say this time it was so easy! I have lost 4kgs and feel absolutely amazing. My skin is glowing and feel so fresh. People keep commenting so it's nice that others are noticing too. I actually like all of the drinks too now Savannah! Except the clay but you can't win them all smile emoticon Stay strong everyone!! The results are worth it. Thanks as always Savannah for kick starting great habits and for developing the cleanse that makes me feel like a new person! ”

Leila Robinson 1st Smart Cleanse Detox - Sydney *

“I lost 5kgs using the smart cleanse system. The first week was particularly hard as all of the bad were being flushed from my system but week 2 my skin glowed, my energy levels were high and I felt absolutely amazing. My weight had plateaued before Smart Cleanse and it certainly kick-started weight loss again. Now I just need to maintain the healthy habits that I learnt from the system. I would recommend anyone that wants to feel better about themselves both inside and out try it!


Natasha Biskin - Sydney *

“In my second day of detox, didn’t weight myself yet, but lost 1.5 inches off my waist and ½ an inch in each thigh. Very happy!!!”

Laura Taylor - Sydney *

“Day 5 of detox and 2.5kgs down! Coffee withdrawals still lingering slightly but other than that I'm feeling GOOD! This detox is fantastic... There is no starvation and there is so much more to this program than just drinking lemon juice and water. I love Smart Cleanse thank you."

Cassandra Michelin - Northern Beaches *

“I am in love with smart cleanse!!! I have been thinking about it all Xmas and especially now wanting to do it again! I felt so good by the end of it, was 2kgs lighter by day 3 and now my husband is thinking about doing it. Haha.”

Stacey Freund - Vancouver *

“Day 7 and I’ve lost 3.5kgs. I haven’t had this much energy in a long time. This cleanse has bought me back to eating 3 meals a day and rarely snacking.”

Layla Briggs - NSW *

“A shout out to Smart Cleanse! I have been on this detox for 5 days and have lost 5.3kgs so far. The results speak for themselves and right now I’m feeling way above average. By Day 7 I was pretty pleased 3.2kg down, body fat 1.2 % down, bust, waist, hips and thighs all 3.5 cms down! Savannah Daisley thank you so much for your support you are simply an angel.”

Peter Hammond - Sydney *

“FYI – I’ve now lost 8kgs and still off the coffee! Happy Days!! You’ve turned me into a Smart Cleanse Advocate”

Anne Marie Ogg - Bondi Beach *

“I lost 6 kgs in 10 days and feel great. Thinking about doing Smart Cleanse again in February. I love it! Have recommended it to all my friends.”

Nicole Lewtas *

"Start of Day 7 today! I jumped on the scales this morning & I'm 5.5kgs down. I'm quite shocked but feeling amazing. I feel like I have more energy, sleeping better and feeling slimmer. I know the biggest challenge for me is after the cleanse finishes, but just need to remember this feeling ❤️"

* These are testimonials from satisfied clients. Results can not be guaranteed and results may vary from person to person.